27. 08. 2021

Ghostemane koncert (3. 12.) je ODPOVEDAN!

Za vračilo vstopnic se obrnite na – NAVODILA

Ghostemane sporoča:
“To my fans in Europe and Russia—
As you know, several times over the last 2 years, we have been forced to postpone this upcoming tour, only to have those dates postponed again, and again.
While this is all been out of my control due to the volatile pandemic situation, I am realizing that what I can control is whether I choose to continue bringing you news of a delayed tour along with promises of new dates, or to break the cycle and put this 2-year-old let-down to rest. As hard as it is to say, these upcoming dates are cancelled.
I love you all and I can’t wait to play the new shit for you. When you see me, it’s gonna be bigger and heavier than ever. When I come back, it will be on my own terms, my way.
All tickets will be refunded from the original dates.”

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