26. 10. 2020

Katedrala Hall


Concert cancellation announcement
“It is with a great sadness and disappointment on our behalf that we are forced to announce the cancellation of our forthcoming shows across Europe, UK and Ireland due to the Covid 19 situation.
Please contact the point of sale of the tickets for refunds.
We hope to have more positive news soon as our plans become clearer. At least this time has given us unexpected studio time that has been really creative.
We hope for better times for music, for us all.

Until then, keep safe and well.”



The legendary Tindersticks have reaffirmed their reputation as an exceptional live band in our land four times already, the last time with their album The Waiting Room in 2016. This time around, their yearning British melancholy will envelop us with their new, eleventh record, to be released by renowned label City Slang in November 2019.

Tindersticks, a band that will soon count no fewer than three decades of operation in one or another form, has been hitting above average since the very beginning, from the daring debut double album in 1993 or duets with Isabella Rossellini, Jehnny Beth (Savages) and Lhasa de Sela, to the solo escapades of singer Stuart A. Staples and the long-term collaboration with film director Claire Denis – most recently for the 2018 film High Life, where they wrote a song for Robert Pattinson’s character. As stated by Pitchfork: »Tindersticks have never released a bad album, never made an opportunistic, trend-driven shift, and have never done anything that might date their music to its moment of origin.« No wonder the band aren’t regulars just at Šiška, but at other esteemed concert venues around Europe as well, and were also invited to the opening programs of the new Paris and Hamburg philharmonics.

The excellent band, who are exploring the textures and emotions of their selfsame music expression beneath a veil of darkness, amazed us as a five-piece in 2016, and they’ll be returning as such in May 2020, half a year after the release of their no less than eleventh album No Treasure But Hope via City Slang. In light of Staples’ desire to create something meaningful, the band recreated the pressure of live shows during an intense recording regime in the studio, forcing the members to really listen to one another. We can certainly look forward to yet another masterpiece by this band with a characteristic, recognizable sound that nonetheless succeeds in imbuing each new album with a completely unique character.

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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