How to Support Us

Despite the support of its founder, the City of Ljubljana, Kino Šiška faces the annual challenge of developing its programme both financially and content-wise using funds from market activities. As such, supporting Kino Šiška does not only mean support for its employees, but rather support for the production and organization of cultural events of the highest quality, creative networking and integration with the local community. We strive to make our programme, which serves the public interest in the field of culture, better every year.

In addition to the always welcome donations, our goal is also to establish creative and long-term ties with business partners in various fields, who identify opportunities for collaboration and the strengthening of their respective brands in our work. We look forward to meeting you and crafting a common story, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kino Šiška’s donation information:
Center urbane kulture Kino Šiška
Trg prekomorskih brigad 3
1000 Ljubljana

ID for VAT: SI58809015
Subaccount: SI56 01261-6000001931

Additional information:
Mitja Bravhar, Assistant Manager for Management and Finance, Theatre and Dance Programme Manager

M: +386 30 310 102 E:

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