Access for the Physically, Visually and Hearing Impaired

Physical and communication accessibility

With its architectural solutions, Kino Šiška is one of the most welcoming venues in Slovenia for the physically, visually and hearing impaired.

Access by public transport

Kino Šiška is also connected to the centre of Ljubljana and other parts of the city with LPP public buses. 

Access by car

Access by car directly to the building is available. You can park in the direct vicinity of the building, though the parking lot is not owned by Kino Šiška. Accessible parking bays are specially designated.

Access to the building and toilets

Access to the building for the physically, visually and hearing impaired is unobstructed. The physically impaired can use the elevator to access the upper floor, while both halls feature ramps and stairless entrances/exits for easier access. Toilets for the physically impaired are available on the ground floor/lower lobby.  

There are hearing loops for the deaf and hearing impaired installed in both halls, whereas the visually impaired can follow Braille tactile boards from the bus stop to the venue. Braille boards and relief ground plans are also available in the venue itself.

Physically, visually and hearing impaired people are entitled to free admission to events, as well as free admission for one (1) person assisting them.

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