28. 05. 2020

Katedrala Hall

štream x KAPA Records: NINA BULATOVIX

interactive concert stream from Kino Šiška

Nina Bulatovix with a shot of musical rebellion on štream!


Tune in on Thursday, 28 May, at 9 PM CEST / 1 PM MT / 3 PM EST on the Zoom*, Facebook in YouTube.

*Each concert will have a special ID number, which will be published on our website and social media. In order to watch the concert “from the front row”, you will have to download the Zoom app to your device (computer, tablet, phone). You can login under an assumed name and do not have to turn on your camera in order to watch the concert. Recordings of the concerts and the audience participation will later also be published on Kino Šiška’s YouTube channel.

Nina Bulatovix is a contact mine and cry of disaffection in one, it is blathering, gesticulating, rolling one’s eyes, a dusty drum machine; a violation in the field, a dividing line, the simplicity of a reverse pass; punk!; it is a bass and drums and vocals in one – far from uncontrolled spasms, it is rather chess with the black pieces. It is the answer to a certain striving, a certain friendship, a certain period in time, a certain way of thinking, a certain struggle, a certain life. It is whatever. For something. For someone. For us. Nina Bulatovix are announcing their third album Zob za zob with a new shot of musical rebellion.

KAPA Records is one of the more important small alternative labels in Slovenia, operating as part of the KAPA Association for Cultural and Artistic Production for more than two decades. It has published releases by artists in various genres, and is currently focusing on its more active proteges, such as Haiku Garden, The Canyon Observer, Čao Portorož, Darla Smoking, Bowrain, Lynch and ŠKM Banda.

Each of the remaining štreams from Kino Šiška will be followed by a live stream of a concert of a selected Macedonian artists from the MKC venue in Skopje. MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAMME. 

Organisation: Kino Šiška in coproduction with Društvo KAPA/KAPA Records.

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