cross štream x MKC Skopje – from Šiška to Vardar!

27. 05. 2020

We are happy to announce the first international cross štream!

Our dear Macedonian colleagues from the Skopje Youth Culture Centre/Младински Културен Центар are complementing our stream with their own programme of first-class Macedonian genre-related artists, resulting in the cross štream x MKC Skopje – a connected programme of two successive concert streams from two sibling culture centres. Each of the remaining štreams from Kino Šiška will be followed by a live stream of a concert of a selected Macedonian artists from the MKC venue in Skopje.

The cooperation has already started with the past two stream events, which featured Svetlost and YÖU, and the remaining evenings will host:

28. 5., at 10:15 PM / RIB
(after štream x Nina Bulatovix)

Initiated in Skopje in the summer of 2014. The spontaneous songwriting process between Jane Trajkovski and Ivica Dimitrijevik, that summer of 2014, resulted in numerous songs. They have 3 LP’s behind them, bunch of shows, balkan tour with Fujiya & Miyagy, and are one of the Macedonia finest bands at the moment.
Jane Trajkovski – Guitar and Trumpet
Ivica Dimitrijevik – Guitar,Bass and Vocals
Dzano Kuch – Drums

2. 6., at 10:15 PM / DRUGGY x S.A.M.
(after štream x N’toko)

S.A.M. is a Macedonian hip-hop artist and producer from Tetovo, his debut album “Ogledalo” was released in September 2018. Deeply influenced by the tradition of the Macedonian hip-hop but also served as a genre experimental bomb due to his various musical influences.

DRUGGY is an Macedonian artist working as a producer, DJ and event organizer in the Macedonian alternative scene since 2006. He has left his mark with his unique bass flavored beats and production on many hiphop pieces and has worked with artists such as Kacar, Bernays Propaganda, Toksikolozi, Legijata, Sexy Marsa, Bon Praskiza, Donplaya, Gloomie and many more.

9. 6., at 10:15 PM / BLACKSTATE
(after štream x KUKLA & balans)

“Dancing grooves with hardcore/punk roots.”
Blackstate is a fresh & new experimental music project created by the experienced songwriter-musician and visual artist Filip Tasevski – Fitz.

11. 6., at 10:15 PM / MY TEAR
(after štream x The Canyon Observer)

My Tear was created when the band Fonia simply changed its name. The reason
was the band’s new sound that suddenly grew from punk rock to indie / new wave. My Tear is part
of the Balkan Veliki scene, gathered around Studio 1060 in Western Skopje.

16. 6., at 10:15 PM / CRNILA REMIX
(after štream x Pijammies)

“Crnila Remix” (Darkness Remix) presents a different view of the classical drama written by Kole Chashule.
Chashule is one of the most important Macedonian theater writers, publicists, revolutionary that participated in World War II- a politician, and a diplomat. His original drama, “Crnila” focuses on the assassination of Gjorche Petrov- a historian, a professor, and one of the most important Macedonian
ideologists, seen by his own countrymen.

The Youth cultural center was founded back in 1972 under the name “Youth Home – May 25”.
The main task and purpose of the YCC is to promote the culture, cultural and scientific values of young people.
With a rich program, encompassing all cultural expressions (music, film, theater, literature…), science, workshops and lectures, debates and debate clubs, from the very beginning the YCC has taken a strategic position in the lives of young people in the City of Skopje.

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