21. 06. 2018

Trg prekomorskih brigad Square


NOFX + Mad Caddies + Snuff + The Bronx + Bad Cop/Bad Cop + The Mor(R)ons

NOFX frontman Fat Mike has brewed up the Punk In Drublic festival, named after the band’s legendary album. The colourful punk rock bunch will stop in Ljubljana as well!

In addition to the beer selection, the big stage in front of Kino Šiška will host the cream of the crop of the world’s biggest punk rock bands.

If there’s been one constant in NOFX’s twenty-five-year career, it’s been their quest to innovate, whether that means writing the world’s most prolific punk song (“The Decline”), playing shows in some of the most dangerous locales in the world (as evidenced in their Fuse TV series Backstage Passport) or tackling subject matter that will make you laugh, cry and critically think — often within the confines of the same song. NOFX (frontman Fat Mike, drummer Erik Sandin and guitarists Eric Melvin and El Hefe) carry on this tradition with their eleventh studio album Coaster, which exposes a more personal and introspective side of one’s of punk’s most revered and enigmatic acts.

Since their inception, during high school in California nearly two decades ago, the Mad Caddies have toured the world countless times, delighting fans with their unique blend of reggae, punk, ska and pop, and with their newest album Dirty Rice they’ve proven they’re just as impassioned and energetic as ever. In many ways the band’s first full-length in seven years sees them coming full circle, demonstrating that while trends and times have changed, the Mad Caddies’ commitment to creating dynamic music has only grown stronger.

Snuff formed in London in 1986. They played their music at numerous global stages and with releases on independent labels, including their own, 10pat12records and Fat Wreck Chords. Their festive anthems will also ring out to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album Tweet Tweet My Lovely.

If you haven’t heard of Bad Cop/Bad Cop yet, do yourself a favour and grab Not Sorry. Their debut full-length arrived on FAT in 2015 and brazenly blasts out some of the most vibrant pop-punk around today. Laden with catchy hooks, three-part harmonies that’d make The Beach Boys jealous, and tons of attitude, all 13 tracks showcase Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s uncanny ability to blend aggressive instrumentation with polished vocals.

It’s bands like The Bronx that still breathe life into a good old-fashioned “three chords and the truth” full-pelt-brawler of a record, the sort of bands who resurface in timely fashion, just as guitar music begins to feel stale, delivering a fistful of rabble-rousing bangers that inexplicably still set the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping every time.

The Mor(R)ons are a four-piece punk rock band from Kranj. They began sometime between 2002 and 2005, no one really knows when. They’ve played all over Slovenia and some of Europe, released two albums, one EP and one split, and shared the stage with bands such as Ten Foot Pole, Atlas Losing Grip, Hog Hoggidy Hog and Pasi. They’ve performed at Punk Rock Holiday three times. They like beer. The rest is a story for another time.

Organisation: KAPA Association in cooperation with Kino Šiška.

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