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Katedrala Hall

Cult Of Luna

+ Alcest + Svalbard

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Swedish post-metal veterans are promising a cathartic reunion in our Katedrala Hall with their latest release The Raging River. They’ll be accompanied by the returning blackgaze duo Alcest and the flagbearers of the contemporary British hardcore scene Svalbard. A roaring package in every sense of the word!

When they played Šiška during their The Silent Man tour, atmospheric sludgers Cult of Luna proved they belong at the very top of the live concert experience – especially those featuring unstoppable, slow-moving sonic masses. With their latest release The Raging River, which features a guest appearance from another Šiška regular, Mark Lanegan, they cut through the lockdown quiet in February 2021 and proved they’re still masters of the fine art of writing good records as they are of the even finer art of roaring over heavy riffs. No wonder we can’t wait for them to shake our hall to the core again.

Since releasing the Le Secret EP more than 15 years ago, French project Alcest, led by multitalented musician Neige, has been regarded as the pioneer of the blackghaze genre, which splices the cold rawness of black metal with post-rock and shoegaze contemplation and ethereal melodies. In February 2020, the duo’s album Spiritual Instinct, one of the best releases of 2019 according to Loudwire, unwittingly provided the perfect musical send-off at one of the last pre-Covid gigs at our venue. We’ll find out in March what the pair has been up to during lockdown.

When Svalbard‘s third album When I Die, Will I Get Better? Made it to the top 10 albums of 2020 at both Kerrang! and Metal Hammer, it merely confirmed an open secret of the British underground. The Bristolian band, headed by guitarist and vocalist Serena Cherry, is one of the most vital bands on the Isles, and their vortex of aggressive, relentless, no-holds-barred music contains influences from all over – from hardcore to post-rock, from crust to black metal. Actually, the only certainty when it comes to their music is that it’s as intense as it gets. We’re ready to be blown away. How about you?

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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