ZIN3 VITRIN3 | 3rd international zine open call

11. 07. 2017, DobraVaga

After the almost proverbial year of zines, 2017, the summer of zines is here. More precisely, July is International Zine Month, aimed at bring the diversity, importance, simplicity and potential of DIY creativity closer to all. That’s why ZINE VITRINE is again inviting all artists, experimenters and other creative types to submit their zines in their technique, format and topic of choice.

The winning zine will be featured in an exhibition at Kino Šiška (supported by an exhibition fee in the gross amount of 300 €), including zine print coproduction in the agreed amount (up to 30 copies). Other outstanding zines will get the opportunity for a one-month solo paid exhibition within the ZINE VITRINE programme at the DobraVaga Gallery.

After the conclusion of the open call, all received zines will be included in the ZINE VITRINE public reading room in the DobraVaga Gallery, which also includes zines submitted in previous years. The submissions will be reviewed by a three-member committee of zine researchers, authors and fans – Lara Plavčak, head of the ZINE VITRINE programme, Barbara Beškovnik, culturologist, and Nevena Aleksovski, visual artist. For additional information, write to:

You can send your zines to: DobraVaga, Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (marked FOR ZINE VITRINE), or bring them in person to DobraVaga during opening hours (MON-SAT 8am-8pm). The authors will be notified of the results in October 2017 via e-mail.

Your submission should include: your name, surname, contact (your website optional), and the names(s) of the author(s), the title, the year of issue and a short description of the zine.

Submission deadline: 22nd September 2017.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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