Reviews and video of this year’s MENT, date and tickets for MENT 2020!

27. 02. 2019, MENT Ljubljana

In 2020, the festival that turns Ljubljana into the regional centre of music and creativity for three days and nights will take place from 5 to 7 February. Tickets are already on sale, with the most affordable ones costing 25 EUR until 1 March.

The 75 performances of exciting new music from all over Europe were attended this year by more than 5000 listeners over three days, as well as 583 music professionals from 37 countries. According to their feedback, they were convinced by the well-curated programme, the music variety, the quality of the performers and the special atmosphere. A glimpse of the latter can be caught in the brief MENT 2019 video report.

What has been said about MENT 2019:

“Much like the country itself, MENT is special – it is indeed a festival with real heart and an inquisitive mind.”

Vic Galloway, CLASH

“One of the great things about MENT is the unexpected surprises it throws up. This really is a festival of cutting edge and it’s not about the conveyer belt of record deal hopefuls – every venue is a surprise and every stage is a revelation.”


“I’d do pretty much anything for this festival.”

Richard James Foster, LOUDER THAN WAR

“What we’ve learned from the 2019 edition of MENT is pretty much anything goes, which is not something to be taken for granted, particularly in an age where playlists generated by algorithms dominate. Long may it last!”

Dom Gourlay, GIGWISE

“As eclectic and diverse as ever, the range of genres on display run from glitchy techno to hardcore punk via ‘geisha pop’ and avant-garde jazz accordion; only a few bands disappoint.”

Derek Robertson, DROWNED IN SOUND–dis-does-ment-2019

“The fifth edition of the festival accumulated a crowd of international visitors, an exceptional array of bands worth listening to, and gave the impression that we’re living in a bigger city than Ljubljana actually is by including an enviable number of venues that sometimes slip our mind.”

Urška Preis, Jernej Trebežnik, RADIO ŠTUDENT

“You don’t have to have been attending festivals since the seventh century to recognise that MENT is something special. This is acknowledged by both us and the performers. Long live MENT! See you next year.”

Jelena Vojinović, TERAPIJA.NET

“After five years, I can confidently claim that it is an atypical showcase festival with a well-curated programme, varied music, flawless organisation, a growing and diverse audience. The festival has its moment not just in Ljubljana, but the international environment as well, and its activities, spread throughout the entire year, are slowly bringing certain novelties and approaches to our scene.”

Luka Zagoričnik, ODZVEN



M E N T Ljubljana. Produced by: Kino Šiška. Conference co-produced by: Sigic. The festival is supported by the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

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