27. 06. 2017 - 25. 07. 2017


zine vitrine


zine exhibition and lecture

WorstSellerEdiciones (MX) presents ZineCensura, an exhibition of illustrations about censorship, featuring artworks by fanzine artists from Mexico. The artworks are published in a fanzine, which combines different styles and concerns regarding censorship in Mexico. The fanzine will be presented in a lecture hosted by WorstSellerEdiciones founders (Anahi H. Galaviz, Daniel Benítez) talking about the project and the importance of self-publishing for Mexican artists.

Artists: Anahi H. Galaviz, Daniel Benítez, Elihu Shark-O Galaviz, Abner Bonilla, Alex Xavier Aceves Bernal, Alfredo Rojas (Bazca), Ana Fantasma, José Luis Jáuregui (Bazca), Artículos Carmen, Artúur (PatrullaÑoña), Brenda Larusso (Metro Fanzine), Cabecita de Palomita, Carolina Bailón, Chepe, La Chula Records, Coyote, Emilianotzin, Enid Balam (Planeta Gris), EnyaÁngel, Galle, Icarus, IurhiPeña, Jazbeck (PerroPrieto), Juan Satiri, Laloide el Asteroide, RocíoAmeyali, Selma Sánchez (PatrullaÑoña), Jonathan Gil (PerraSuerte), Speck Malacara, Sufit Comics, Verde Agua, Verna Barrera, Vicente Jurado, Xavier Corro and others.

WorstSellerEdiciones is an independent publishing house based in Mexico, founded in 2014 by Anahi H. Galaviz (visual artist, 1990) and Daniel Benítez (illustrator, 1990). It was created as an experimental editorial platform for fanzines, books and other publications. Both by its founders as well as by other contributing authors, it was established as an independent way of self-publishing and opposition to censorship. It develops self-publishing workshops for any kind of public, from kids to professional artists, and also takes part in other art publications and cultural projects. WorstSellerEdiciones has been featured at many festivals in Mexico and other countries: Fanzinorama, Convivio Editorial de FundaciónAlumnos 47, Feria de Los OtrosLibros of Radio UNAM, festivals on the underground circuit in Mexico, LibrosMutantes, ArsLibris Barcelona, Underground Eccetera, Cotonfioc Festival, Crack! Festival, I NeverRead, and Art Book Fair Basel 2017.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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