Visual Arts

02. 12. 2019 - 07. 12. 2019

DobraVaga Gallery


exhibition and presentation

In the beginning of October, the ACTART International Youth Exchange took place in Zagreb, with 19 young artists and activists from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia participating. In just one week, they created a number of engaged art pieces (poems, drawings, zines, posters, video, embroidery and a dance performance) that critically address nationalism, the objectification of women, and sexism, while at the same time using humour and visionary drive to shape proposals for a better tomorrow – especially for women, trans people, and sexual minorities.

At the exhibition, the Slovenian participants – Nika Cimperšek Bukinac, Lea Culetto, Petra Korent, Veronika Razpotnik and Nurlama Vidrih – will present a selection of the pieces created during the exchange, including the zine Lapač, the poster series Yugosluts, and a short documentary video about the exchange, which they will also speak about in person. 

Free entry. 

Organisation: City of Women in cooperation with Kino Šiška, the K-zona Association (Zagreb) and the OPA-Projekt Femix organisation (Belgrade).

The ACTART project is co-financed by the European Union Erasmus+ programme. The project’s content reflects solely the views of the authors. The National Agency and the European Commission are not responsible for any use of the information it contains.

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