04. 08. 2017

Komuna Hall


+ Uada

After a long time, the champions of the new age of black metal, Wolves In The Throne Room are making their return to the stage – and Slovenia.

Well over a decade ago, the Weaver brothers formed a band that draws on repetitive, hypnotic and cold black metal tunes, and is also a collective that lives in harmony with nature, takes from and gives back to it, imbues its music and messages with nature’s spirit, and is practically the band whose albums, alongside the band Agalloch, gave rise to the latest wave of black metal, post black metal.

Though you shouldn’t expect black shoegaze in the style of Alcest or speed-metal-hiking-punk in the style of Darkthrone from Wolves In The Throne Room, much less experimentation in the vein of Enslaved, you can look forward to a band that has persistently yet quietly expanded the limits of the genre. Their performances are a true spiritual experience in a darkened setting, emphasizing the sound as well as the soul of albums such as Diadem of 12 Stars, Celestial Lineage and the cult releases Two Hunters and Black Cascade.

Their return to Kino Šiška will change your life in all regards.

Tickets also available via On-Parole!

Organisation: KUD Dirty Skunks.

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