06. 02. 2021

Kino Šiška

What if … – a collaborative online zine workshop (with Daria Tommasi)

online event

We invite you to take part in a collaborative online zine workshop with Daria Tommasi on Saturday, 6 February, at 16.00. Workshop participants will be asked to answer imaginary situations and develop short narratives by drawing a cartoon and writing a sentence describing what would happen.

“What if …” something crazy and unexpected happened and turned your daily routine upside down?

The players will be involved in the process of collective writing, in which every choice they make will influence the whole narrative. After they send their contribution to the game master, the participants will receive another “what if” sentence that another player had written. Their task is to continue the story with another cartoon, then scan it and send it back to the game master. Every action must be done within 15 minutes.

The final goal is to create a collaborative narrative with several contributions by each participant. The stories will be collected in a game-zine that the participants will be able to print at home or pick up at the DobraVaga Gallery. The zine will also be included in the DobraVaga zine library.

To take part, please register by sending an e-mail to by 5 February. You will receive further instructions and details about the workshop via e-mail.

The event will be held in English.


Daria Tommasi (1984) received a B.A. in History of Cinema from the University of Trieste and later specialized in Graphic Design at the International School of Graphics in Venice. There she became interested in self-publishing, which she sees as the intersection of editing and design, visual arts, and craftsmanship. In 2018, her work was selected for a solo exhibition at the DobraVaga Gallery in Ljubljana as part of the ZINE VITRINE program, a program focused on self-published publications and fanzines. Alongside her graphic work, Daria works with mixed media, including ceramics, risograph printing, screenprinting and stop-motion animation. Her work has been exhibited in Italy and abroad in solo exhibitions, collective shows, book fairs and film festivals. She lives and works in Trieste, Italy, and Rennes, France.

Workshop duration: approximately 2 hours

Organization: Kino Šiška/DobraVaga

Free of charge.

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