Visual Arts

23. 08. 2021 - 14. 09. 2021

Kino Šiška

Klemens Czurda and Judith Milz: Vlado Z.

Curated Series

With the aid of a found box, full of old documents and letters, the Vlado Z. project reconstructs the life of a complete stranger, a Croat who commuted between Yugoslavia and different European countries in the 1980s. While tracing the fragments of his life, often combining fact with their own speculations and interpretations, the artists created a multi-layered narrative of an individual figure interweaved with the space of the former Yugoslavia and its often complex relationship with the West.

Klemens Czurda (1988) works with photography and film as a medium, focusing on documentary projects and conceptual media installations. His projects revolve around the entanglement of society and its artefacts by exploring different topics in the fields of architecture, science and technology, social structures, and remembrance. His work draws attention to the liminal and the overlooked narratives of our existence, from ubiquitous non-places to the appeal of the “Yugosphere”, wedged between the Orient and the Occident.

In her work, Judith Milz (1989) creates narrative possibilities in sculptural, performative, photographic and publishing contexts. Archives often serve as sources for her artistic research, which interweaves documentary material with context-specific concepts and performative elements. Her work has been shown at, i.a., Badischer Kunstverein, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, and TV-Hifi und Zentrale Karlsruhe. In 2021, she is travelling around eastern Germany with a scholarship from the Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt.

Curator: Lara Reichmann

Curated Series 2021: Constructed Identities explores social structures and situations from various perspectives and starting points, emphasizing the process of constructing an individual’s identity within a certain community and the latter’s role in specific social systems. Each exhibition will be accompanied by a publication, with the combined publications presenting the series as a whole.


Organisation: Kino Šiška

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