Visual Arts

18. 08. 2021

DobraVaga Gallery

Artist per Month

Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi: vacay mode on


In her artistic practice, Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi tackles the phenomenon of the image on the internet, exploring the intertwining of popular culture, social networks and art.

In her works, we often encounter the appropriation of world-famous scenes from art history. She creates new interpretations and meanings by transferring online content to gallery spaces and spatial interventions. The video collages, which she initially presented to her followers on Instagram, show famous scenes from paintings by the artist David Hockney, in which she places herself and tries to conjure up a carefree, relaxed and light-hearted feeling of summer days by lying down, soaking in the pool, lazing around and reading in the shade.

#vacaymodeon #životjeplaža

Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi (1992) is a visual artist, designer and online entertainer. She was born in Rijeka, studied and lived in Ljubljana, but returned to her hometown due to the pandemic, because otherwise she would have missed the sea too much. She focuses mainly on the phenomenon of video and image in the age of the internet – she explores the relationship between new media, popular culture and art, especially in relation to the limitations of social networks. In her short online videos, she is developing a critical attitude towards current trends, and also participates in various art exhibitions. She has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions as part of her studies, as well as at various institutions and festivals in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. She also works as an animation designer on many projects. She would like to become an influencer and erase the stigma that this profession carries through her activities.

Organization: Kino Šiška / DobraVaga

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