14. 04. 2020

Katedrala Hall


+ Cellar Darling + Canterra

For the king, for the land, for the mountaaaains!

We’re sure we don’t need much more than the cult chorus of the song “Emerald Sword” from the even more cult album Symphony of Enchanted Lands to get your attention, as you’re about to read one of the best news – finally, for the first time, Rhapsody are coming to Slovenia! Turilli Lione Rhapsody or “the real Rhapsody”, the Italian power metal that gave the world Italian mullets and cheesy lyrics, the band who draws on Tolkien, Jordan and other fantasy writers, the band who reminded us why Warcraft II – Tides of Darknessis “the shit”, and at the same time proved how great power metal and classical music go together.

The group is led by guitarist/composer/mastermind/capo di banda Luca Turilli and vocalist Fabio Lione. OK, we admit, a critical part of the original lineup was keyboardist Alex Staropoli, but you can’t have it all. What you can have is the new incarnation of the real, legendary Rhapsody, who will take you to the late 1990s and the early years of the first decade of the 21st century with hits off of albums such as Legendary Tales, the above-mentioned Symphony, Dawn of Victory and Rain of a Thousand Flames, plus other songs from the times when they were still Rhapsody of Fire, and off of their current album Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution). This will rock! If this doesn’t get you playing Heroes of Might and Magic IIIagain, nothing will. Of course, the phenomenal band lineup doesn’t feature just Turilli and Lione – there’s also drummer Alex Holzwarth, who has played with Blind Guardian, guitarist Dominique Leurquin and bassist Patrice Guers.

The concert on 14 April at Kino Šiška will be all the more interesting, as it will be opened by the band Cellar Darling, formed of former members of the well-known folk metal band Eluveitie.

And as the first warm-up act, we’ll listen to Germans Canterra.

This is not to be missed!

Tickets on sale at and On-Parole outlets now.

Organisation: Dirty Skunks.

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