09. 03. 2017 - 10. 03. 2017

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where music and music publishing clash

TRESK is an annual festival of music and music publishing that brings together Slovenian labels, distributors and artists. With a wide range of events – the traditional Tresk music market, contests for music-related visual design, workshops and of course concerts – it puts the spotlight on the Slovenian alternative music scene and provides a networking platform for musicians, visual artists, labels, distributors, organizers, the media and, last but not least, listeners and fans.


This year’s edition of Tresk will feature two sound workshops. Maja Matić will head a workshop where attendees will use ad hoc recordings to compose short songs and take their first steps into the secretive world of musique concrète. At the festival’s other workshop, Lio Novelli and Jure Podgoršek will present sound hacking on a Linux terminal. More information is available here.



The TRESK music market is a special opportunity for mostly Slovenian music publishers of all kinds – from indie labels to large distributers – to present their new and classic releases. More information is available here.




Jani Kovačič and Ana Pupedan

When the mythical merrymen from Pivka, Ana Pupedan, team up with hyperactive poet Jani Kovačič, a seasoned concert act is imbued with a tormented, stubborn soul.


The gravity of desert rock, the sing-along sensibility of grunge, bluesy defiance and funk rhythms… At this year’s Tresk, the mighty task of representing heavyweight guitar rock in Slovenia falls to the country’s flagship stoner rock band, Carnaval.

Nesesari Kakalulu

Guided by Fela’s spirit through a nexus of afrobeat, high life and funk, the high-intensity grooves of this nine-man group from Primorska will get an exponential boost on the Tresk stage – for the first time ever, they’ll be performing with a nine-woman choir!


These provocative Ljubljana masters of ceremonies represent an urban parallel to the backwater stylings of Matter. Frequently breaking the fourth wall with their seriousness (or lack thereof) and rhymes, their performances take on an air of glamourous decadence.


СОЧИ ’91

Building up steam with his experimental approach to the sounds and images coming out of the internet, this – as yet – anonymous producer from Ljubljana is ready to step out from behind his pixelized curtain. Expect giddily ironic takes on Slovenian pop music too.


Zagreb’s anarcho-occult apatrid maneuvers his way along a razor-thin line between obscure trap, radical politics, noise and the deep history of alchemy.

Blaž Pavlica

When not working as a studio technician at Radio Študent, Mr. Pavlica, alias DJ Blaženmedženami, is using the station’s antenna to keep the party going as co-host of the new monthly show Partijska Linija. He’s also a producer with a keen ear for leftfield techno and bass. At the Tresk party at Pritličje, Blaž will debut his audio-visual live act.


Noč is a recluse from the town of Kranj. He gathers knowledge and premonitions from diffuse sources, and then spits them out in concentrated form from a place where a songwriter’s sense of freedom, the despair of black metal and the inquisitiveness of contemporary electronic music co-exist in peace.

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Organisation: Radio Študent in co-production with Kino Šiška and Pritličje.

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