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09. 10. 2021 - 09. 10. 2021

Kino Šiška


a whole day's fair of publishers, comics artists and comics fans

The traditional Saturday comics fair at Kino Šiška will offer a wide range of issues by local comics publishers, comics stores and vendors of second-hand classics, while the varied accompanying events will include lectures, presentations, talks with local authors and foreign guests, and much more. The fair day will end at 8 PM with the awarding of the Stripolis Zlatirepec Awards for the best original and translated comic editions of 2021, as well as a drawn concert.


10.30−11.15 / Kino Šiška


Dora Benčevič, one of the most interesting Slovenian comics authors of the younger generation, will reveal how her still fresh comic album The Girl Who Was Not Afraid of Bears (Stripolis, 2021), an adaptation of an Albanian folk tale, came about. She will show us how she goes from idea through sketch and line drawings to the final comic book page on her iPad.

11.30−12.15 / Kino Šiška

German comic book artist and illustrator Aisha Franz will present her work method by explaining how any random sketch can be developed into a visual story. Her debut graphic novel Earthling was first published in Germany in 2011, followed by Brigitte (2012) and Shit Is Real (2016). As an illustrator, she works for some of Germany’s and the USA’s leading magazines and newspapers. Her latest project – the fictional memoir Where Is Aisha (2020) was published by Berlin-based publisher Colorama. The masterclass will be will be in English.

12.45−13.45 / Kino Šiška

In the last year, cartoonists Ivan Mitrevski, Jaka Vukotič, David Krančan, Izar Lunaček and Matej de Cecco have enriched Slovenian comics with several diverse and original works for children. As part of Saturday’s fair at Kino Šiška, they will debate what quality comics for the youngest readers are like, how their creation differs from creating comics for adults, and what attracts children (as well as adults) the most in comics. The debate will be moderated by Pia Nikolič.

15.30−16.00 / Kino Šiška

OHOHO is an annual festival of independent comic book and street art, which takes place in the autonomous cultural center Medika in Zagreb. The festival is a spatio-temporal (dis)continuum for the creation, discussion and exchange of contemporary comics and street art by artists who create underground art according to DIY poetics. An indelible part of the festival is the publication of the OHOHO comics fanzine. Meet the members of the OHOHO team and find out more about the independent publishing and comics art scene in Zagreb!

16.00−18.00 / Kino Šiška
workshop for children (6+)

At the workshop, we will try our hand at storytelling through comics. Each one of us will come up with their own short story and draw it on a roll of paper as a sequence of pictures. For our new short comics, we will make a screen out of cardboard and thus get each of our comics on a reel. The workshop will be led by Petra Gosenca and Jurij Bobič (GUMB Association).

16.15−17.15 / Kino Šiška


Renowned American comic book artist and illustrator Peter Kuper is, apart from his rich and varied comics opus, known also for his sharp political and social observations. His presentation will be both a career retrospective, including some of his influences, and a breakdown on how he has created graphic novel adaptations of classic literature by authors such as Franz Kafka, Joseph Conrad and Upton Sinclair. He will also talk about his work for The New Yorker, MAD Magazine, World War 3 Illustrated and much more. The masterclass will be will be in English.

17.30−18.00 / Kino Šiška

Since 2015, Johanna Maierski has been running the Berlin-based publishing house and Riso printing studio Colorama. Dedicated to publishing the work of contemporary comics artists through a thoughtful, collaborative process, the studio explores the act of assembling and telling stories. She will tell us more about her publishing/printing/educational work and favorite projects. The presentation will be in English

18.15−18.45 / Kino Šiška
comics presentation

Dubioza Kolektiv, one of the most famous Balkan bands of the last decade, have just dipped their toes into comic book waters. For a long time now, they have been collaborating with the infamous Sarajevo comics artist Filip Andronik, who has already drawn visuals for two of their videos, but the production of the third has unfortunately been stopped by the coronavirus. That’s why the band decided to realize the ill-fated video in the form of a comic book titled Dubioza Kolektiv and the Magic Hen. Izar Lunaček will talk to the comic’s scriptwriter and band boss Brano Jakubović.

/ Kino Šiška

A conversation with the French master of pictures and words, the writer of Ariol and Sardine in Outer Space and the sole author of Alan’s War, and winner of multiple awards at the Angoulême Festival, about finding the balance between works for children and works for adults, the importance of friendships, and constantly seeking challenges in new styles and techniques. Emmanuel Guibert will speak with Izar Lunaček. The conversation will be in English.

/ Kino Šiška


Stripolis awards ceremony and concert

The main day of the festival will be concluded with the Stripolis Zlatirepec awards for the best original and translated comics publications of 2021, as well as a drawn concert where jazz pianist and composer Rok Zalokar will interpret the works of this year’s main foreign guest, Emmanuel Guibert.

More about the program:

Organization: Kino Šiška, Zavod Stripolis, Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana.
Supporters: French Institute in Slovenia, U.S. Embassy in Slovenia
Sponsor: Outfit7

Free entry (apart from Zlatirepec 2021 and drawn concert – 2 €).

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