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10. 10. 2020

Kino Šiška


a whole day's fair of publishers, comics artists and comics fans

After several days of comics-related events, the activities will reach a peak with the now traditional comics fair at Kino Šiška on Saturday. At the venue, all comics fans will be able to check this year’s comics crop and selected offers by local comics publishers, comics stores and vendors of second-hand classics, all in one place, with a lively accompanying programme including masterclasses, presentations of local comics novelties, discussions and, of course, socialising with the authors. 
The main day of the festival will be concluded with the awards ceremony for the Stripolis Zlatirepec 2020 awards for the best original and translated comics publications of the year, as well as an animated concert by Boštjan Narat and Izar Lunaček.


Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 10.3011.30 // Kino Šiška

At Saturday’s masterclass, the authors of Cul Nul will present their work process: how they came up with the idea for each anecdote, how they turned it into a working script with the right emphases, characters, tempo and punchlines, and how they finally turned the thing into a concrete comic with visually firmly defined characters, scenes and frames. As a wordsmith, Anne will do most of the talking, while Fanny will draw live, with both available for audience questions during the masterclass.

Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 12.0012.45 // Kino Šiška
Maja Kastelic, the internationally acclaimed children’s illustrator, will reveal how her first children’s comic, a reworking of the fable of the cricket and the ants for Stripburger’s Folk Tales in Comics collection (Muren muzikant, Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana, 2020), was made. You’ll find out why she chose this tale in particular, how she kneaded it into her own credo, how she found the most suitable shapes and colours for her protagonists and surroundings, and how she even told the story.

Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 13.1514.00 // Kino Šiška

Zoran Smiljanić will lead us through the creation of his recent comic book about the burning of the Trieste National Hall (Črni plamen, ZRC SAZU, 2020): from the basic story through character design, writing the script with his son Ivan and composing individual scenes, all accompanied by visually rich projections.

Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 16.0018.00 // Kino Šiška

workshop for children and young people (6+)

At the workshop, we’ll dive into the world of comics and explore the various possibilities for comic strip editing. We’ll extract key scenes from selected children’s comics, move and turn them around, and build new stories from them. In doing so, we’ll learn how to tell stories through images and get to know the basics of the language of comics. The workshop will be led by Petra Gosenca and Jurij Bobič (GUMB Association).
Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 16.0016.45 // Kino Šiška

Participants: Ivan and Zoran Smiljanić, Izar Lunaček, Damijan Stepančič. Moderator: Pia Nikolič.

In the past year, Izar Lunaček, Zoran and Ivan Smiljanić and Damijan Stepančič have bolstered Slovenian comics production with four new works: Stepančič with the biographies of two giants of Slovenian history (Baraga, črna suknja med Indijanci, Družina, 2020; Naš Maister, Miš, 2019), the Smiljanić’s with a report on the burning of the Trieste National Hall (Črni plamen, Založba ZRC, 2020), and Lunaček with a reworking of his doctoral thesis on the comical aspects of religion (Sveto in smešno, Založba ZRC, 2020). They will debate the sideways of historical and real stories during Saturday’s fair at Kino Šiška. The debate will be moderated by Pia Nikolič.

Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 17.1518.00 // Kino Šiška


Participants: Maja Kastelic, Gašper Rus, Igor Šinkovec. Moderator: Ana Bogataj.

Maja Kastelic, Gašper Rus and Igor Šinkovec are the authors of three completely fresh comics reworks of Slovenian folk tales, published in Stripburger’s Folk Tales in Comics collection: Muren muzikant, Štirje godci and Lovska sreča. They impress with their artwork and humorous folk wisdom that has both children and adults in stitches. The authors will speak about the winding paths from reading a tale to drawing the comic at Saturday’s fair at Kino Šiška. The conversation will be moderated by Ana Bogataj.

Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 18.3019.30  // Kino Šiška
online conversation

An online conversation with the French comics legend about his beginnings, rise, and the future fate of the just reawakened popular comics saga Dungeon, which was translated into Slovenian in spring. The conversation will be moderated by Izar Lunaček.

Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, at 20.00 // Kino Šiška


Stripolis awards ceremony and drawn concert
The main day of the festival will be concluded with the Stripolis Zlatirepec 2020 awards for the best original and translated comics publications of the year. They will be followed by an animated concert, featuring Boštjan Narat‘s songs and concurrent live illustrations by Izar Lunaček.

Entry: 2 € (at the door).

Organisation: Kino Šiška, Zavod Stripolis and Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana.

Masterclass sponsor: Outfit7.

Free entry (apart from Zlatirepec 2020 and Narat Drawn – 2 €).

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