Visual Arts

27. 02. 2020 - 07. 03. 2020

DobraVaga Gallery

Tibor Rep: REPeat FUDZIN

pop-up razstava

At the pop-up event, skateboarder Tibor Rep from Postojna will present the second issue of his REPeat FUDZIN. The author has complemented the 28 pages of meat-free, healthy recipes with his illustrations, which can also serve as colouring pictures. At the occasion, he will display his selection of original recipe drawings. The zine’s design is the work of BUCHE Design.

In his creative culinary work, Tibor stresses that “there are no mistakes in cooking”. There are simply experiences that help us grow: “In the kitchen, we have to let ourselves create dishes that aren’t always harmonious. If possible, eat the best food. Make cooking simple. Before you start cooking the dishes in this recipe book, always doubt the ‘rules’ of the recipe and study them. Are they useful to you? There is no one correct way for a recipe to be a success, and no single correct method you have to follow – there are many. These recipes are my version of the dishes I want to eat. Change them, play with them, make your own.”

The release of the second booklet is also a sort of announcement for a new project that will take place in April: All at One Table will be a series of meals for 6 to 8 guests who do not know each other.

Free entrance.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.


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