14. 12. 2019

Katedrala Hall


Musicology Barcaffe Sessions concert

The legendary band of one of the biggest music stars in the history of mankind, the iconic Prince, is coming to Šiška as part of the Musicology Barcaffe Sessions concert series! In honour of their frontman, mentor and brother Prince, The New Power Generation will host an unforgettable music spectacle in Šiška.

The former members of The New Power Generation, who accompanied the irreplaceable Prince from 1990 to 2013, first reformed at the official tribute concert in the singer’s native Minneapolis three years ago, at the initiative of Prince’s right-hand-man Morris Hayes. Subbing in for His Purple Majesty on the mic, the charismatic MacKenzie won over audiences all over the world with his fantastic vocal skills and energetic stage presence. He doesn’t try to imitate Prince, but rather shows respect with his own original performance, which has in turn earned him great respect from the audience.

The New Power Generation say they play every show as if their boss were still with them on stage, and their concerts are a kaleidoscope of the greatest hits from all the eras of the legendary musician’s opulent career. When forming the band in 1990, Prince emphasized that his band is “the best band of all time”, and it soon became “the funkiest band in the land “as well. Come hear for yourself!

MacKenzie (vocals)
Morris Hayes (MD & keys)
Sonny T (bass)
Tony M (rap & second guitar),
Les Cleveland – (drums),
Kenny Holmen (saxophone & flute)
Homer O’dell or Levi Seacer (lead guitar)

Tickets onsale at all outlets.

Organisation: Musicology Barcaffe Sessions Slovenija.

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