09. 06. 2020

Katedrala Hall

štream x Nimaš izbire: KUKLA & BALANS

interactive concert stream from Kino Šiška

KUKLA and balans on the same štream!


Tune in on Tuesday, 9 June, at 9 PM CEST / 1 PM MT / 3 PM EST on the Zoom*, Facebook and YouTube platforms.

*Each concert will have a special ID number, which will be published on our website and social media. In order to watch the concert “from the front row”, you will have to download the Zoom app to your device (computer, tablet, phone). You can login under an assumed name and do not have to turn on your camera in order to watch the concert. Recordings of the concerts and the audience participation will later also be published on Kino Šiška’s YouTube channel.

Slavic gangsta pop geisha KUKLA, featuring an expanded lineup, will serve up old hits and new songs. Those who guess which Balans song she’ll cover get a mystery goodie bag!

The noise pop, improvisational kraut and ethereal darkwave of balans came together in the psychedelic lo-fi balance of the city’s underground shelters. Accompanied by a drummer for the first time, expect the debut of new tracks and a cover of a KUKLA song to mark the special occasion.

The urban outsiders strike back, this time from the very lair of Slovenian culture! The Nimaš izbire creative collective is preparing an audiovisual spectacle with a taste of freshly picked local post-punk and alternative pop.

AFTER: cross štream x MKC Skopje: BLACKSTATE

Organization: Kino Šiška in coproduction with Nimaš izbire.



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