14. 05. 2020

Katedrala Hall

Štream x Druga Godba: Jimmy Barka Experience

interactive concert stream from Kino Šiška

From Turkish psych to Yugo jazz

You first have to download the Zoom app to your device (computer, tablet, phone). Registration is required to access the Štream. You can register here (you can use a made-up name), then “Please click this URL to join.” will appear below. Click on the URL and you will gain access to the Zoom Štream.


Tune in on Thursday, 14 May, at 9 PM CEST / 1pm MT / 3pm EST on the Zoom*, Facebook and YouTube platforms.

*Each concert will have a special ID number, which will be published on our website and social media. In order to watch the concert “from the front row”, you will have to download the Zoom app to your device (computer, tablet, phone). You can login under an assumed name and do not have to turn on your camera in order to watch the concert. Recordings of the concerts and the audience participation will later also be published on Kino Šiška’s YouTube channel.

Jimmy Barka Experience is a turntables & drums trio that constructs a mosaic of sounds and samples from across the board – from Turkish psych to Yugo jazz, from Istrian folk to American gospel, they’ve got you covered!

Druga Godba is one of the most important (music) festivals in Central Europe. It is unique in the Slovenian cultural space with its concept, new approaches and (re)discovery of lesser-known music content. For more than three decades, it has been providing live artistic creativity, new music genres, a rich array of ethno music and its reinterpretations, and a fusion of ethnic and contemporary music from all over the world. In 2020, Druga Godba celebrated 36 years of operation.

Organization: Kino Šiška in coproduction with Druga Godba.

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