17. 09. 2021

Trg prekomorskih brigad Square


urban activities and music day

It’s again time for Šiška Open, the urban activities and music day, to take over the square in front of Kino Šiška!

In addition to creative, musical, sports and dance activities, we’ll speed up the cultural pulse of the city with no fewer than two exhibition openings, then put a cherry on top with evening gigs by two promising young bands, Plateau and Masaž.

We’re preparing Friday’s afternoon activities in cooperation with the various cultural, dance and youth organizations that coshape the cultural pulse of Šiška and the city of Ljubljana. You’ll be able to spend a creative afternoon in front of Kino Šiška at the Mladi Zmaji music production workshop or the GUMB Association’s creative recycling workshop, head on a graffiti tour of the neighbourhood with the Institute for Urban Issues, and attend a graffiti street art workshop. You’ll also be able to compete in pingpong and foosball tournament, or watch the freestyle cypher by the Nataraj Dance School. Towards the evening, we’ll open two exhibitions – Y? at our Kamera Gallery and the Tresk festival visual awards at the neighbouring Computer Museum. We’ll round off the day with a gig by this year’s Špil Liga winners, the funky groovers Masaž, and their league compatriots Plateau.

– 15:00 – 19:00 Afternoon Activities
– 19:00 Exhibition Y?
– 20:00 Exhibition TRESK #12
– 21:00 – 23:00 Concerts MASAŽ & PLATEAU


15.00–19.00 – ping pong and foosball tournaments

Compete in ping pong and foosball tournaments! 

15.00–16:30 – Šiška Graffiti Tour

The free guided tour will show us the best street art in the Šiška neighbourhood, created by local graffiti artists and world-famous street artists. Guided by archaeology graduate and Ljubljana street art connoisseur Katja Pavlič. Meet at the entrance to Kino Šiška. Advance registration required.

Organised by Alternative Ljubljana/Institute for Urban Questions.

15.00–19.00 – music production workshop with Mladi Zmaji

At the music production workshop, we’ll learn about making music and play with Ableton, Maschine and other analog gear. We’ll make music during a jam session, with the initial drive provided by the mentors of the Music Wednesdays at the ČMC Šiška youth centre: Nitz, Carmen, Nulla, Toljo&Toljo and Nemagl. 

15.00–19.00 – street art workshop

Experienced street art and graffiti masters will guide you through all aspects of graffiti and street art. You’ll first watch a short documentary about street art, followed by a discussion and sketching. Then you’ll test your skills in practice, spray painting a legal wall. Finally, you’ll go on a guided tour of street art in Šiška. The workshop is led by painter and street artist Siniša Simšič – Simke.

The workshop is suitable for people between 15 and 29 years of age.
Spots are limited, register at:
Meet on the square in front of Kino Šiška.

The workshop is organised by Alternative Ljubljana/Institute for Urban Questions in collaboration with Mladi Zmaji.

16.00–18.00 – Mala Re:ciklarnica: Floating Boats

With the help of paints and imagination, we’ll turn discarded plastic bottles, wooden sticks and colourful ribbons into actual factual floating boats to keep you company in the bathtub or at the seaside. The creative workshop for young people is organised by the GUMB Association.


19:00 – Y? opening @ Kamera Gallery

20.00 – Tresk Festival visual awards exhibition opening @ Computer Museum at Trg prekomorskih brigad Square

20:30 – Hip-hop performance – Nataraj Dance School @ square in front of Kino Šiška

Short dance performance and traditional hip-hop urban dancing display.

21:00 – CONCERT: Plateau and Masaž @ square in front of Kino Šiška


When entering the venue during public cultural events, applicable public health regulations must be observed, including presenting required proof of recovery, vaccination or negative test result. As proof of compliance with the requirement, an EU digital COVID Certificate in digital or paper form, equipped with a QR code (text messages are not valid), may be submitted, or another certificate or proof in accordance with regulations, which the competent person shall verify by inspecting the submitted certificate or proof.

Organisation: Kino Šiška in collaboration with Mladi Zmaji, the GUMB Association, the Nataraj Dance School, Radio Študent and the Institute for Urban Issues.

Free entry.

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