04. 02. 2021

Kino Šiška


online concert

At the end of 2020, one of the internationally most acclaimed Slovenian bands Širom put out a new vinyl – but not of new material. Italian label Torto Editions decided to reissue the band’s debut I. For their first concert this year, Širom will thus travel to their beginnings, bringing some of the material from “the first one” to life just for the occasion and adding a few later compositions as well. Come along on a joint walk to the past, to leap into the future!

The tireless explorers of imaginary musical worlds Širom (Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin and Iztok Koren) are today regarded as one of the most acclaimed Slovenian groups on the international music scene. Just in the second half of last year, their unique array of traditional instruments, mystic minimalism and contemporary rock meditation rang out at the virtual edition of the famed WOMEX festival, as well as Seattle radio KEXP.

However, the trio had first turned heads with its 2016 debut I. At the time, the above-mentioned radio had declared the song “Trilogija” its Song of the Day, and the album also drew the attention of the acclaimed Glitterbeat Records and the label’s tak:til imprint, which the band is still signed to. No wonder that Italian label Torto Editions decided to reissue the album, this time on vinyl and with two unreleased tracks from those same recording sessions. In the coming months, Širom will again give in to their exploratory unrest and focus on making new material for a brand-new album. But before that, they’ll jump into the past in our stream, to the material they haven’t played live in quite a while.

Due to current public health regulations, the concert will take place only via direct payable stream on the DICE platform, viewable on any smart device.

*We encourage you to buy family ticket, if you will be watching online concert with your family or friends. Sure, we will not know whether you are watching it by buying just a single ticket, but you will support the artist in greater extent with family ticket.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška

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