08. 12. 2020

Kino Šiška


online concert

Typical – the Les Enfants Terribles of the Slovenian trap scene are breaking their live hiatus during the hiatus of the world.

This time, our stream will feature the Ljubljana-based SBO, entertainers and depressives, agents provocateurs with (oc)cult signifiers. They’re promising a thorough flyover of the legacy they’ve created through the years; from the societal usurpation of “Tipi so pičke” and internet hits such as “Sara Bezovšek”, to the sentimental twists of songs such as “Zvezde Granda” and “Trake ljubezni”. At the same time, their return to Kino Šiška will act as the ceremonial and exclusive announcement of their upcoming full-length debut, which will throw open the doors to 2021.

With the meaningful November 1 release of the choreographic visuals for the song “Psihonaut”, SBO laid out their creative shift. The sound turns from 808 beats to the progressive dance playfulness of garage, synthwave, techno and house, with their enunciation become increasingly less extroverted and increasingly more analytical. The online event will thus serve as a concert staging of the band’s sonic transition from banger controversy to dance introspection. We aren’t yet certain whether they’re announcing their own growing up and maturity, or whether it’s a new layer of manipulation through performance.

The pseudonym SBO hides the original name of the band – SMRT BOGA IN OTROK (THE DEATH OF GOD AND CHILDREN) –, which made a resounding arrival on the local scene at the time of the global popularisation of trap. After a series of post-factual feats, internet hits and appearances on the bizarre Slovenian YouTube trending chart, they released their first mixtape album in collaboration with AMN (Heroina: Trake ljubezni, 2017), which culminated in the formation of the GuapoGang pseudo-collective and the release of the now classic Cypher, headlined by Senidah. Following the release of their official EP III (2018), the band experienced an internal, intimate crisis, which it worked through in cooperation with Shao, resulting in a double digital release (Sheitan en plastique, 2018, and Matin avec sheitan, 2019) and increased concert demand. By returning to the originality of their sound, they rounded off their youthful activities and disappeared with the release of their final EP (MMXV, 2019). But it seems things are about to change. Drastically.

Organization: Kino Šiška

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