19. 01. 2019

Katedrala Hall

new album release


Slovenian band Same babe, whose special approach to Slovenian folk music and poetry has already charmed us in the Izštekanih unplugged radio show and at Cankar Hall, will present their brand new album Vražji bend (A Hell of A Band).

Same babe are a jewel that the history of Slovenian popular music will place somewhere among Ježek, Sepe, Marko Brecelj, Buldožer, Ana Pupedan and Slovenian punk. A band that simply resonates.” Thus spoke Jure Longyka (Val 202) and those who’ve had a chance to catch the fine-tuned ethno-chanson ensemble in concert know that Longyka spoke the truth. After the four-piece released albums with songs based on poems by well-known Slovenian poets and an album of original material, they’re presenting themselves as a six-piece with an expanded sonic image.

The band’s fourth full-length Vražji bend, their “first electric album”, thus features intimate a cappella and minimalist acoustic songs, as well as full-fledged rock, often with swirls of jazz and funk. The record was written at the time of the band’s appearance on the Izštekani unplugged radio show on Val 202. Same babe took to the idea of “unpluggedness” as a special intimate feeling, deciding to bare themselves to listeners by unfolding the story of the band and its members to listeners – but not through old songs, but with fresh material and covers, which have now found their way onto the new album. Onstage in Šiška, they’ll also be joined by special guests: singer Maja Predatoria, poet Ervin Fritz and singer-songwriter Andrej Trobentar (Na lepem prijazni, 7 svetlobnih let). Come join them as well.

Tickets on sale online and at outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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