Visual Arts

30. 06. 2020 - 05. 09. 2020

DobraVaga Gallery


DobraVaga Gallery 4th anniversary group exhibition

Together with the Riso Paradiso family, we invited 15 Slovenia-based artists to outline and record one or more starting points relating to the term “position” (for example, positions in work, society, living surroundings and artwork), using the Riso print technique, to mark the 4th anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery.

30. 6. – 5. 9. 2020

We selected the term “position” as the thematic starting point during the period of initial measures and changed circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which have reshaped our positions and standpoints. In the current conditions, we began wandering around nature more, cycling at protests, reflecting on our own consumption of certain goods, experiencing empty cities, socialising even more on social networks and video calls, perhaps experiencing loneliness, realising the need for human touch, working in different circumstances or being left without projects, thinking about and developing alternative forms of cultural events, and doing, discovering, contemplating much more.

The new conditions provide us with a different perspective and starting point for the future, driving us to discover alternative spaces, principles, roles in the field of culture, economy, politics, labour, public and private life.

At DobraVaga, the term “position” is especially near to our hearts, as it can also refer to the structure of a visual work, the positions and artistic structure of images, the composition and placement of the elements that make up the story/content. Alongside the limited colour palette of the Riso technique, the project aims to initiate reflection on the artistic construction of the resulting artwork.

Artists: Sara Bezovšek, Jure Brglez, Tjaša Cizej, Jaka Juhant, Simon Kocjančič, Tatjana Kotnik, Gašper Kunšič, Lo Milo, Iza Pavlina, Tereza Prepadnik, Lucija Rosc, Žiga Roš, Helena Tahir, Jaka Vatovec, Tadej Vaukman

Curators: Anja Zver and Ajda Ana Kocutar

Graphic design of the exhibition: Matjaž Komel

Organization: Kino Šiška/DobraVaga and Riso Paradiso

Free entry.

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