09. 09. 2021

Katedrala Hall



The other does not exist.
Psychoanalysis does not work.
The world is mad.

It appears in the form of the humanoid-contaminated lighting of the Katedrala Hall, a robot and two young women from an a cappella theatre.
Barefooted shepherdesses dance across the sky, because that is the only way. Silence, freed from expectation, gently hibernates behind the trees of Kino Šiška. Cups of coffee carelessly smoke in the cathedral of the white mosque, so that one rolls away. Two listen quietly to the news at the bottom of the sea.

The insignificant one quickly slips into infinity to learn to knit. Because the lights were too loud, aliens gracefully disappear into black light. You crazy flower.

At the kind request of the robot Attitude, a green and an orange bag drown themselves among the audience. The show gently dances in your head, because no one else does. Because it is hot, two voices nicely embrace your neck. Beams of light accidentally tickle you at the back of the head in order to seduce you. The glowing web sacrifices its life at the edge of the world, in order to feel something bigger. My mind surprisingly disappears somewhere in the middle of the stage and everyone is so very worried. A cold haze catches fire in front of your eyes in order to be heard.

Isn’t that what we do constantly? We weave a story about who we are. We try to make this story solid, all-encompassing, free of holes and flaws. But what is left when we unravel these stories, those threads. What is left when we stop knitting our lives in the latest fashion?

duration: 49 minutes for a maximum of 49 spectators

scenario and direction: Vlado R. Gotvan
light composer: Jure Rubelj
structuring, clarinet, singing and co-composing: Marieke S. Werner
structuring, singing and dance: Manca Trampuš
video animation and robotics: Matej Marinček
camera and film editing: Baba Lan, Jaka Mihelič, Matej Marinček, Manca Trampuš, Marieke S. Werner and Jure Rubelj
sound engineer: Jure Vlahovič
stage master: Gašper Pavletič Šenica
Ukrainian proofreading: Ganna Kyrnyza
psychoanalysis of robots: Aljoša Kolenc
the robot Attitude: Stefan Doepner
supervision: Simon Kardum
photography: Nada Žgank & Suncan Stone
a=tF²: Igor Štromajer

texts: Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mooji Baba, Danijel Dragojević, Gregor Strniša, Kara Loewentheil and Jacques Lacan

special thanks: Martina Ruhsam, Simon Macuh, Las Lloronas, COVID-19

Production: GVR Zavod, Kino Šiška, Cirkulacija2.

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets

10 € for Blind Interactivity and Last Temptation 9. 9. 2021.


Tickets can also be purchased with the BON21 voucher at the Kino Šiška box office from Monday to Friday between 3 and 6 PM or on the day of the event. You can read more about the requirements for using the voucher on the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia website.


When entering the venue during public cultural events, applicable public health regulations must be observed, including presenting required proof of recovery, vaccination or negative test result. As proof of compliance with the requirement, an EU digital COVID Certificate in digital or paper form, equipped with a QR code (text messages are not valid), may be submitted, or another certificate or proof in accordance with regulations, which the competent person shall verify by inspecting the submitted certificate or proof.

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