30. 09. 2017

Katedrala Hall


Popjazziada, one of the most prominent a cappella music festivals in Slovenia, is returning to Kino Šiška.

Each year, Popjazziada features the most active and best Slovenian vocal groups and newcomers in the field of popular vocal music. Each of the performing vocal bands transfers the sounds of better- and lesser-known songs into the world of a cappella, where voices take on the role of instruments, in its own unique way.

In recent years, local groups have been joined by foreign guests – this year, the honour belongs to UpsweepIn two years, the group Upsweep from Rome has managed to establish itself on the Italian a cappella scene, and is confidently continuing its breakthrough on international stages.

Each year, Popjazziada clearly shows how quickly the popularity and quality of a cappella music in Slovenia are growing. Each of the acts is unique, both in lineup and genre.

In Katedrala Hall, you’ll be able to listen to excellent performances in various musical styles. The creativity and musical excellence are the key ingredients of the festival, which has developed into a proper a cappella celebration for fans of different music genres.

Seats and standing room available.

Organisation: Jazzva Cultural Association and Kino Šiška.

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