29. 03. 2018

Katedrala Hall


Peter Broderick

Before Berlin master Nils Frahm packs our Katedrala Hall in April, we’ll again celebrate his holiday – Piano Day. Last year, the celebration of piano music featured young virtuoso Greg Haines and Slovenian Bowrain. This year, we’ll be paid a visit by the prolific protégé of Erased Tapes and the former member of the live ensemble of Danish band Efterklang, Peter Broderick. The festivities will be opened with a solo premiere of new material by the acclaimed local composer and pianist Rok Zalokar, who also heads his Rok Zalokar Trio, is a member of Kukushai, and is the initiator of our Impronedeljek jam sessions.

On the 88th day of the year, Kino Šiška will join the global Piano Day for the third time. The event was launched by Nils Frahm and has been supported by Olafur Arnalds, Chet Faker, and Four Tet, among many others. This year, we’ll hear the new album by Peter Broderick, All Together Again, released in November.

Broderick, also a collaborator of Frahm (Oliveray), Haines (Greg Gives Peter Space), Efterklang, Machinefabriek, and She & Him, has been making music for over ten years. As a talented multi-instrumentalist, he often veers into different genres, from indie folk to orchestral and solo piano music. His current release for Erased Tapes is a collection of his compositions, requested for various purposes – friends’ weddings, films, fashion shows, even to accompany a ferry ride down the Bosphorus. After a long time, he again played all the instruments himself, recorded and mixed the album, and even designed the cover. And you can feel that, his curiosity and love of music, in the new tracks, intimate and without unnecessary showmanship. Come celebrate Piano Day with him and us.

With his DIY creative approach, composer and pianist Rok Zalokar is a vital member of bothe the Rotterdam and Ljubljana music scene, whether with his solo work, his acclaimed Rok Zalokar Trio, the avant-garde pop group Kukushai, who presented their full-length debut last year at Šiška and at this year’s MENT, or the bands Dvojina and Vsemogočni mlin. He has performed at the distinguished North Sea Jazz Festival and received the Erasmus Jazz Prize and Jazzon Prize. This year, he launched the regular Impronedeljek Monday jam sessions in our café.

With a solo performance at the Piano Day, Zalokar will treat us to completely new material.


The Piano Package ticket also includes entry to Nils Frahm’s concert on 26 April 2018. The Piano Package ticket is available until 28 March 2018 – you can buy it here.

Organisation: Kataman and Kino Šiška.

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