27. 09. 2021

Katedrala Hall

Odyssey through My Dirt – Your Dirt | Eva Petrič and Rupert Huber

Transmedia installation and performance

Renowned Austrian musician Rupert Huber and multimedia artist Eva Petrič will present themselves in the dialogue Your Dirt – My Dirt, a lyrical journey through the collective “hematomas” of the Isonzo Front, the Dirty War in Argentina, 9/11 New York Ground Zero and the emerging hematoma of the coronavirus – through four musical compositions by Rupert Huber, performed by him onstage within Eva Petrič’s transmedia art installation and performance.

In the second part of the evening, the journey will continue with Eva Petrič and her Siren Odyssey in her transmedia scenic installation EVAcuate @ EVOLUTION, on the waves of 11 frequencies that make up the alphabet of e@motion evolution.

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Organisation: Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana and Kino Šiška

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