25. 10. 2018

Katedrala Hall


In October, we’re serving up a double package of regional music sensations whose awesome hits are ringing up YouTube views in the millions and have left their unmistakable mark on 2017 in their respective countries. Don’t miss the Croatian electro pop duo Nipplepeople and the freshest voice in Serbian pop, Bojana Vunturišević!

The masked Zagreb-based duo Nipplepeople has been regarded as one of the biggest mysteries of the regional music scene for over a decade – not only because the secretive pair have successfully kept their identities hidden for so long, but also because it’s almost hard to understand how they manage to write hit after hit so confidently. We first met them in Šiška in February 2012, as special guests of Lollobrigida, and they’ve moved up in the world since then, also thanks to hits such as “Frka”.

The Croatian song of 2017, a respectful revamping of the original by legendary Croatian singer Zdenka Kovačiček, keeps one eye on the rear-view mirror while gliding into contemporary electro pop expanses, and is yet another in a line of singles that are racking up YouTube views and selling out shows across the Balkans. The perversely joyful trip-hop of “Broj”, the globally remixed “Sutra”, the Denis & Denis reminiscing masterpiece “Balkan Express”, a whole bunch of others – they all display the duo’s exceptional feeling for catchy electronic atmospherics and disco punk edginess that gets the feet moving. No wonder the two have performed at all major festivals in the region – Exit, Hartera, Terraneo, even the first edition of Sea Star.

Like Nipplepeople, just a bit younger and more southern, Serbian singer Bojana Vunturišević left her mark on last year with great vocals, unique charisma and excellent pop hits. The solo debut of the former frontwoman of Belgrade band Svi na pod!, Daljine, is regarded as a modern pop gem and has drawn comparisons to work by superstars such as Lorde. The hit “Kese, etikete” is one of the biggest Serbian hits of last year, the video for “Noćni program” one of the best videos, and the record itself one of the best Serbian records of 2017. A bunch of superlatives that, combined with Bojana’s pleasant charm and unusual choreography onstage, assuredly won’t leave anyone indifferent. A double evening that’s not to be missed!

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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