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Niki Lapkovski: Ultimate Warrior Bitches®


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In his zine Ultimate Warrior Bitches®, Niki deals with the issue of the presence of the female gender in gaming culture. He points out that this appeared only recently, when we got the first professional female gamers and games that move at least a step away from the pronouncedly binary stereotypes and objectifications.

In the Ultimate Warrior Bitches® project, the images of the “archetypal warrior” are crossed with their opposites, with wrinkles, breasts, vaginas and inhumanity. These warriors are simply bitches with tits and cellulite, but they are no less dangerous. Niki writes, “What do Tekken 3 and feminism have in common? Nothing! That’s why the Ultimate Warrior Bitches® are here to fuck up all the macho people who didn’t let them play their Game Boys.”

Niki Lapkovski has a freshly minted Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He tries to justify his title by working on various graphic design projects. In the last two years, he has collaborated mostly with the Maska Institute, for which he is currently designing the fifth issue of their eponymous magazine. In a more informal context, he also tattoos friends and draws comics. Two of his short comics were published in 2020 in the Komikaze anthology. When he doesn’t communicate visually in one way or another, he does so through music, in the Lovekovski duo, who are releasing their debut album this year. Their sonority can also be heard in the play Everything Is OK, directed by Nataša Živković, which premiered at this year’s City of Women.

Organization: Kino Šiška.

Free entry.
18. 11. – 11. 12. 2021

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