08. 04. 2019 - 10. 04. 2019

Kino Šiška

In the frame of Choreographic conventions, a programme line of Life Long Burning project:


international conference

Nomad Dance Academy and Kino Šiška with the support of the City of Ljubljana and numerous local and international partners invites key art professionals and city representatives to join us for a three-day conference on an international network of residencies in the field of contemporary performing arts, with special focus on contemporary dance.

Purpose of the conference is to build a network of residencies in South-East Europe as a model of institutionalized and decentralized center for contemporary dance.

We live in times, when individual mobility of artists became European imperative. And when South-East Europe is more often than not exception to the rule in that regard. Due to lack of systemic financing and infrastructural undernourishment, contemporary performative artists find it harder and harder to maintain high professional level of their work.

How can we think about residencies in such local and international context? In which way can we conceive long term support and exchange of knowledge, experience and programs in South-East Europe? Can we think of mobility outside of the scope of precarious work? How can residencies answer to the needs of local artists and local communities? How can we invent new modes of common management of residential programs between art institutions and non-governmental organizations on both local and international level?

Offical language of conference is English, translation in Slovene will be provided. First day of the conference (8 April) and all performances (expect first David Somló: Mandala on 10 April at 9 AM) are opened to public. 

Conference program is available online.

Organisation: Nomad Dance Academy and Kino Šiška with the support of the City of Ljubljana.

Supported by LLB, Creative Europe EU project.


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