19. 08. 2020

Café Kino Šiška

summer in Šiška 2020


free concert cycle

The Croatian alternative duo Neon Wife introduced themselves to the music scene with the release of their first single “Back Row” in May 2019. The band, a creative collaboration of established Croatian musicians Irena Žilić and Lucija Potočnik, was conceived while playing together in Irena’s band. The project started as an outlet for the music they both enjoyed but weren’t playing with their current musical outfits.

In 2018, the two decided to turn their project into a fully-fledged band. Their efforts at a new sonic direction took the moniker Neon Wife and after just a few months, they were finishing tracks in the studio. The record was produced, recorded and mixed by Mark Mrakovčić, one of the most prominent and prolific producers of the regional music scene. 

Summer in Šiška is a series of free evening concerts, helping you chase away the summer boredom. If the weather cooperates, we’ll cool off with a refreshing drink on the summer terrace of Café Kino Šiška, and if it looks to be raining, we’ll listen to good tunes curled up on the couches in our lobby. Welcome to your Summer in Šiška!

Free entry.

Organisation: Café Kino Šiška and Kino Šiška.

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