Visual Arts

27. 05. 2021 - 28. 08. 2021

DobraVaga Gallery

NEIGHBOURS. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats


At the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, we’re taking a look around our surroundings. Neighbours.

The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats is the title of the main group exhibition, topically also encompassing a group zine exhibition, the Artist per Month solo exhibition and accompanying events.

Over three days, we’ll take a look at our role in co-creating the urban pulse of the city, providing possible answers to the question of what it means to be a neighbour with the help of participating artists. We don’t understand neighbourly relations just in the literal sense. Rather, we view our fellow citizens, the diverse urban actors who bring the city to life and whom we still miss when we stay at home, as neighbours. It was while having to stay at home that some of us began to get to know our neighbours and experience coexistence in a completely different way.

The main commercial group exhibition will feature the authors’ varied views of the selected topic, both in a visual and a conceptual sense. The paintings, photography, graphic works and installations address the matter through social critique or observation, humour and irony, or merely draw inspiration from the visual and aesthetic value of the urban landscape and its inhabitants.

As part of the ZINE VITRINE programme, a group zine in the form of postcards will be published and displayed, and we will also feature a selection of short films and videos on the topic of city life, interpersonal relations and experiencing one’s environment. The accompanying programme will include a roundtable discussion about shared working and creative spaces, a zine workshop led by artist Teja Miholič, and a workshop in an urban space, led by artist Nika Rupnik.

Participating authors: Eva Bevec, Jure Brglez & Tereza Prepadnik, Peter Cerovšek, Nina Čelhar, Peter Ferlan, Ester Ivakič, Lena Kocutar, Petra Korent, Janja Kosi, Klara Kracina, Lene Lekše & Mihael Novak, Lenart Merlin, Teja Miholič, Danilo Milovanović, name:, Nik Erik Neubauer, Neža Perovšek, Nez Pez, Lucija Rosc, Nika Rupnik, Srcozlom, Fedja Šičarov, Dorijan Šiško, Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi, Anne Tassel, Luka Uršič, Tadej Vaukman


Thursday, 27. 5. 2021 @ DobraVaga, 18:00
Dear neighbours! / Zine Vitrine reading room
– NEIGHBOURS. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats / group exhibition
– NEIGHBOURS. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats / group zine exhibition 

Friday, 28. 5. 2021 @ DobraVaga, 18:00
– Community <> Working Spaces in Ljubljana / discussion and project presentation

Saturday, 29. 5. 2021 @ DobraVaga, 12:00
“good luck universe” / zine workshop

Organisation: Kino Šiška / DobraVaga

Free entry.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Entry into the venue is permitted only with a negative PCR or RAT test result, a medical certificate of recovery or vaccination, in accordance with the instructions of the National Institute of Public Health and the decree in the Official Gazzette of the RS, no. 73, p. 4392/May 13, 2021.

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