12. 10. 2017

Komuna Hall


+ selected slam poets

She walks the streets of Belgrade with attitude. Always forward. No implants. No antidepressants. A bad girl in the middle of the night. Because she knows what you wanted. Pink purses. Gold sneakers. Look, antifascist bitches. Kiss your mom on the cheek and come to Kino Šiška, because Sajsi MC turns angels into hookers.

We’ve met Serbian rapper Sajsi MC in Ljubljana during the City of Women, Red Dawns and Young Rhymes festivals, now she’s walking her sharp tongue off of the streets of Belgrade and into our Komuna Hall. The masterful hip-hop artist, who survived the wars raging in the Balkans as a teen, subversively attacks the chauvinist attitudes of the general populace in her songs. Millions of YouTube views prove she isn’t well-versed just in harsh criticism, but in dancefloor hits as well, staying in touch with urban youth throughout. She’s collaborated with Croatian star Severina, she’s produced countless hits with Serbian DJ BKO, and she’s blown up Serbian tabloids feuding with rival Mimi Mercedez. No, there’s no joking with Sajsi. But there is a party.

Warm-up will be a little different this time, as we’ll feature eight selected slam poets from the new Slovenian slam poetry scene. The first four are Pavla Zabret, Mišel Amo Ristov, Nika JerajAriela Herček, Jure “Besni Dante” Bernik, Eva Kokalj, Matic Ačko and Vid Sagadin Žigon.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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