19. 08. 2021

Katedrala Hall

.MOV: Zouj x Sarah Al Saleh x 5237

music and movement performance premiere

Rising German hyperpop musician ZOUJ joins forces with Slovenian artist Sarah Al Saleh and Slovenian VJ 5237 for a project created during a Liveurope residency. Together with the Slovenian artists, the eclectic musician, whose versatile talent and feeling for bringing together different artistic practices have also been noticed by City Slang Records, Adult Swim and brands such as Nike and Gucci, will prepare an interactive performance that will test the limits of the symbiosis between people and technology through music, movement and visuals. The performance will take place in collaboration with the Grounded Festival.

Is artificial symbiosis between people and modern technology parasitic, commensalistic, ammensalistic or mutualistic? Leipzig-based artist ZOUJ, Slovenian artist Sarah Al Saleh and VJ 5237 will attempt to find an answer to the question in four acts, with Al Saleh performing attached to digital sensor that will affect the digital and hardware synths around her and vice versa. The machines will be operated by ZOUJ and his assistant, and the result will be Sarah’s endless combat with the machine.

Since Adam A. Lenox aka ZOUJ visited Slovenia in 2019 as the frontman of noise rockers Lingua Nada, much has changed. His new solo project headed in a new direction, searching and developing the sound and feeling of contemporary pop music and drawing the attention of the acclaimed City Salng Record, which released his first mixtape Tagat in June. He also gained the attention of the Nike and Gucci brands, which used his music in their ad campaigns, and his out-of-this-world videos have also been featured on Adult Swim. ZOUJ says his work is all about finding the soul in synthetic sounds, with a key part being collaborations with a broad array of musicians, photographers, directors, animators and other creatives from all over.

Multitalented Slovenian artist Sarah Al Saleh started out as a hiphop and freestyle dancer in her youth, participating in numerous competitions in Slovenia and abroad. She later studied contemporary dance and ballet, then focused on shaping a hybrid between hiphop and contemporary dance after concluding her education. In recent years, she has been making rap music as Sahareya, and she also starred in the internationally acclaimed short film Sisters by Kukla Kesherović.

Stella Ivšek is an intermedia artist and designer who performs as a VJ under the moniker 5237 and is a member of the BEAM TEAM (5237 x SMECH) projection duo. She works with numerous associations, institutes, festivals and acts, such as Terranigma, Lifecutter, Container Doxa and Pantaloons, and her visuals are regularly featured at MENT festival, among others.


The event will take place in accordance with applicable public health measure. Proof of recovery or vaccination or a negative test is required for entry to the venue.

Organisation: Kino Šiška

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