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12. 04. 2017 - 05. 05. 2017

zgornje preddverje


group exhibition

Young Women’s Art brings together two tandems and 11 solo artist, from the more prominent contemporary Slovenian artists, such as Sanela Jahić and Nika Autor, who is representing Slovenia at the Venice Biennial this year, to those who are still finishing their art studies and slowly but surely increasing their visibility.

The group exhibition will feature Urška Aplinc & Maja Burja, Nika Autor, Lea Culetto, Nina Čelhar, Živa Drvarič, Katja Felle, Sanela Jahić, Anja Jelovšek, Neža Knez, Dalea Kovačec, Jara Vogrič, Valerie Wolf Gang and the Abandoned Plants Sanctuary. Despite the extremely intriguing offer of artistic content created by young Slovenian artists regardless of gender, an overview of the artistic production of young female authors, who are swiftly and irreversibly opening a new chapter of Slovenian contemporary art, seems necessary and unavoidable – also due to the concurrent realisation that it is female artists who have taken the lead in creating more prominent artistic work.

The exhibition should in no way be understood through the one-dimensional optics of its title, as at its core, it is an open presentation, taking on the form of a cross-section of a certain period, without burdening itself with the role of gender and the nature of “female” art. The exhibited pieces combine numerous concepts, practices, approaches, media, formats, poetries and content, mutually shaping a revealing dialogue while at the same time establishing an interesting relationship with their environment – the urban tissue of the Ljubljana (and Gallery) quarter Šiška.

The project involves the institutions that make up the Gallery Quarter Šiška alongside the GalerijaGallery, aiming to establish the common identity of the cultural and physical space of Šiška. The Kino Šiška gallery, the Universal Atelier of Street Art, Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography and MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art supported the Young Women’s Art exhibition and offered their venues despite the project not being part of their regular programme.

The exhibition is curated by visual artist and Sunday custodian Žiga Kariž.



Katja Felle in cooperation with the members of the Koroška Intergenerational Centre

In her work, Katja Felle draws on the central role of the digital image today. She presents it through a multitude of dualities that unavoidably place the image in both her and our lives. Stop – Sew – Reset thus thematises relationships such as: order/disturbance; analogue/digital; individual/society; the traditional/the present.


Neža Knez
BODIES ON PEDESTALS, part two (part one begins at 20:00 at GalerijaGallery)

“The event and its remnant question the difficult-to-catch aspects of artistic work – communication, meaning and audience. In a way, I’m trying to combine my personal past as a former athlete with the present, which has led me to experience this sport differently, and display all this via an original artistic expression.” – Neža Knez

Organisation: GalerijaGallery in cooperation with Gallery Quarter Šiška.

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