08. 10. 2020

Katedrala Hall


hybrid concert: release of the album "Testament ljubezni" (rx:tx)

The undisputed rulers of the Slovenian urban scene Matter joined forces with producer Tsujigiri (YGT, Felis Catus) in a project of socially distanced vibes, dark flows and autotuned emotions. At an exclusive hybrid event in front of a live audience and via stream, the hybrid band Better will present their debut album Testament Ljubezni, undoubtedly one of the most heavily anticipated outpourings of lockdown creativity. Good, better, Better!

Testament Ljubezni, the debut album by Better, is the fruit of the deep friendship between the members of Matter and the singer of YGT, Gregor Kocijančič, who currently produces music as Tsujigiri. The creative paths of the four friends have been intertwined since their music beginnings: they’ve shared stages and backstages, a studio, feedback on songs in the making, college notes, and above all the countless hours they’ve spent on hanging out, bromances, giggling, pats on the back and all the rest that comes with it.

Like all the best things, Better was born out of coincidence: when Gregor was sinking ever deeper into trap and R&B, beginning to make music in secret as Tsujigiri, Dacho heard an outline for one of the beats that were due to land on Tsujigiri’s debut. The beat turned into a collab: Tsujigiri put down his first chorus in Slovenian, drawing on his father Gorazd Kocijančič‘s poetry. In a living room on the sixth floor, on a cold December night, the first single Nežno Kruti Svet was born. A month later, another home studio session took place, resulting in four new bangers. It was followed by a third, then a fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh: Tsujigiri’s living room altered its primary function and became a home studio, the studio sessions on Resljeva Street became a weekly routine. Levanael and Tsujigiri geeked out and became an inseparable production duo, Dacho and Tunja started passing each other Gorazd Kocijančič’s poetry collections instead of joints, seeking inspiration in them. The studio gear lights never went out, the speaker membranes shook, the neighbours fumed in anger, the friends in excitement – including external production pal, Istrian wunderkind Shao.

Due to current public health regulations, the number of spaces in our hall is limited, but have no fear – the concert will take place in hybrid form. Those of you who can’t get your hands on tickets or wish to support your favourite acts from the comfort of your own den can follow the performance via direct payable stream on the DICE platform, viewable on any smart device. See you at the gig!

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.
Tickets for live stream via DICE.

Organisation: Kino Šiška

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