Visual Arts

11. 02. 2020 - 05. 03. 2020

Kino Šiška

Luka Ličina: When You Pass Through the Waters, I Will Be With You

curatorial series

The story begins when you were reborn, when you undid the passage through the waters, and when you found the one you had left on the shore – yourself. Born in a family that belongs to a religious community, Luka Ličina narrates about coming out of his ‘’previous life’’ through the search for abstractions such as freedom, God, salvation, happiness, love, their interrelationships, and the aftermath of it all.

Luka Ličina (1995) is currently in his third year of studies at Sculpture Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, under Prof. Mrdjan Bajić. He is currently an associate of the Street Gallery in Belgrade. In his work, he uses multiple media, such as sculpture, installation, video, visual poetry, and drawing, to explore both the outer and inner conflicts of the individual in different social models.

Recent exhibitions and projects: “Room for Error” at the Ostavinska Gallery, Belgrade (2018), “The Crowd in the City” at KC Grad, Belgrade (2019), the Real Presence workshop at KC Magacin, Belgrade (2019), “The Wrong Biennale” at the Prosthetic Pavilion (2019).

Curator: Dušan Savić

Free entry.

Organisation: Kino Šiška. 


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