01. 03. 2018

Komuna Hall


+ Nulla

From Berlin, where she regularly packs dancefloors with her unique, unconventional electronic music, Hyperdub protégé Laurel Halo is coming to Slovenia for the first time. She’ll present her third album Dust, one of the best electronic music releases of the past year according to Rolling Stone. The evening will be complemented by Slovenian two-piece Warrego Valles, premiering their full-length debut Botox.

American producer Laurel Halo, whose Michigan background and German residence combine two of the most noble electronic traditions, Berlin and Detroit, first gained wider recognition with her 2012 debut album Quarantine. The record was declared Album of the Year by the eminent publication The Wire, with the magazine sparing no praise for her third album Dust, also released via Hyperdub. The new record also won over critics at Tiny Mix Tapes, Drowned In Sound, Mixmag, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Resident Advisor and The Quietus, among others, as well as getting the artist her first Boiler Room set.

The new album, which Halo described as her most joyous one yet, is a step away from the more broadly appealing dancefloor stratagems of her previous full-length Chance of Rain. The album, recorded at the cavernous New York experimental arts centre EMPAC, loosely floats in house music, spiked with percussion and R&B elements, a disembodied vocal bricolage, and sci-fi bleeps straight out of a Phillip K. Dick novel. It also features collaborations from a bunch of other artists, including Julia Holter and $hit and $hine. The end result are 40 ecstatically esoteric minutes of electronica, drawing from a wide array of genres and firmly establishing Laurel halo as one of the most advanced electronic music producers right now.

Warrego Valles are producer Nina Hudej and musician and vocalist NinaBelle, established DJs, promotors and advocates of equal rights and diversity on the electronic music scene. In 2013, Nina Hudej was spotted by Vibe Magazine as one of the 12 best female techno producers, and recently, the European SHAPE platform selected her for its 2018 list of artists. NinaBelle is a classically trained flautist who graduated from the Ljubljana Academy of Music. After studying jazz improvisation in Rotterdam, she continued exploring electronic sounds as a DJ, vocalist, writer and producer.

Over the past year, as Warrego Valles, the pair shook up the Slovenian electronic underground with just a few shows and videos and the Location Off EP. In March, they’ll unveil their full-length debut Botox, an album that offers progressive electronic music, unconcerned with current trends. the record will be released by the Kamizdat netlabel, and we’ll have the honour of hearing it live for the first time at Kino Šiška.

Nulla challenges you with hard, cold electro and techno sounds, riding a rodeo of pelvic basses and practicing sonic tightrope walking between dance voyeurism and hardcore experimentation.

Organisation: Kino Šiška and Kamizdat.

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