10. 05. 2017

Komuna Hall


album presentation

The Kukushai trio, featuring acclaimed pianist and composer Rok Zalokar, multidisciplinary artist and vocalist Eva Poženel, and SunMi Hong, one of the most esteemed drummers of the Amsterdam scene, will present the album Fruitile, the latest fruit of its exploration of avant-garde, pop and jazz music. The album reflects the group’s recognisable blend of melodic elements and unusual harmonic and rhythmic textures, enhancing it further with intertwining vocal lines.

In shaping its refined sonic image, the Dutch-Slovenian connection flirts with jazz, pop and punk, as well as experimental and traditional music. Meanwhile, the playful, often surrealist lyrics express man’s bewilderment in the world he wants to control, but has no real grasp of.

The trio’s compositions come fully alive in concert, where Kukushai leaves the door open to free improvised inspiration. Such musical freedom results in an exciting, opulent musical tale, perfect for evening relaxation and charging up one’s batteries in the middle of the week.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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