18. 01. 2018

Katedrala Hall


+ Dagoba

The biggest name in German thrash, Kreator, is coming back to Ljubljana, joined on tour by one of the most important institutions of European death metal Vader at the 25th anniversary of its ultimate album. We’ll be warmed up by the French Dagoba and their massive sound with a powerful groove and hints of industrial.

Kreator are a band that needs no introduction to the Slovenian audience. The regular guests of our stages have been around since the beginning of the 1980s. The band are led by the tireless Mille Petrozza and are regarded as the biggest name in German thrash. Their first albums, regarded as undoubtedly having influenced the creation of black metal, were characterised by primal rawness, with the band’s sound evolving and keeping up with the times through the years. Kreator are one of the few “old” bands that have kept their traditional fans through the years while constantly gaining new ones. The fact that they can win over younger generations as well have kept them at the summit of metal Olympus for years, and they’ll be returning to Ljubljana with 13 studio albums and an opus that promises an unforgettable set – like we’ve been used to from Kreator since forever.

Kreator are joined on tour by their Nuclear Blast labelmates Vader, who have been around since as far back as 1983. After numerous lineup changes, they gradually abandoned their heavy/speed sound and ventured into extreme metal. They drew the attention of the international metal scene with the Morbid Reich (1990) demo, which is still the best-selling demo in death metal history. It yielded a contract with Earache Records, where they released The Ultimate Incarnation. The album finally enthroned them at the very top of European death metal, and with the video for “Dark Age”, they became the first Polish band on MTV.

The Ultimate Incarnation is celebrating 25 years, and Vader will mark the anniversary on tour with a set dedicated to that very album. We’re thus in for a treat for all old-school death metal fans at Kino Šiška. Don’t miss this: one of the most important institutions of European death metal with its ultimate album!

Warm-up duties on this tour have been entrusted to the French Dagoba, who are promoting their seventh album, Black Nova. The new protégés of Century Media Records don’t hide the impact the giants of 1990s American metal – Pantera, Machine Head and Fear Factory had on them. The outcome is a massive sound with a powerful groove and hints of industrial.

Organisation: MH Concerts.

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