23. 10. / Sat / 20:00

Katedrala Hall

druga godba 2020

Kimmo Pohjonen – UZone

Walk-up 22 €

presale 18 €

The event has been postponed to 23 October 2021. Already purchased tickets are valid for a new date + festival tickets Druga godba 2020 / season (Abonma Druga godba 2020) tickets also remain valid for this concert. If you cannot attend the concert on the new date, you can refund the ticket until 23 September at or After this date the tickets will no longer be refundable. Refunds can’t be requested for the Druga Godba 2020 festival or season (Abonma) tickets.

Twenty-one years after his first appearance at Druga Godba, the world’s foremost innovator on the accordion is back in town, this time in collaboration with two masters of sound and light. This new work sees Kimmo Pohjonen dive into the new and unknown, a place where the accordion becomes an electronic instrument that creates image, picture and light all together and in real time.

Kimmo will be making his first appearance in Maribor and his first at Kino Šiška – unless we count the showing of Soundbreaker, a superb documentary that examined his creative world, which stretches from Finnish folk to otherworldly projects involving farm machinery, wrestling, contemporary dance, progressive rock, contemporary classical and beyond, in 2012. All Kimmo’s live projects thrive on polished and extravagant sound and visual effects that have made his shows among the most intriguing anywhere over the last two decades, whether staged in clubs, outdoors or in large concert halls. We await his latest set of audio-visual treats.

Note: Owing to the ongoing coronavirus situation, and in agreement with the artist, the Ultra Organ project as originally planned has been replaced by the premiere of a new project, UZone. The two performances will take place on the rearranged dates above.

Kimmo Pohjonen, accordion, vocals, composition;
Sami Tammela, sound design;
VJ Hellstone, visual design

Tickets on sale online and at outlets.

Organisation: Druga Godba, Kino Šiška and Narodni Dom Maribor 

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