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Katedrala Hall

druga godba 2020

Kimmo Pohjonen – Ultra Organ

21st century electronic music for organ on the accordion

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We are delighted to welcome back the world’s greatest innovator on the accordion, Kimmo Pohjonen.
Kimmo made his first appearance in Slovenia with a solo project at the 2002 Druga Godba festival, since which time he has gone on to dazzle concert stages around the world with a stream of new projects, such as KTU and Uniko. This will be the second time Kimmo has shown his face at Kino Šiška, but the first time live – a few years back, we showed the film Soundbreaker, a wonderful documentary about his creative life, which stretches from Finnish folk to mind-blowing projects involving agricultural machinery, wrestling, modern dance, progressive rock and modern classical, among other things. All his live projects feature sophisticated and sumptuous audio and visual images, and these have made his appearances over the last two decades among the most intriguing around, regardless of whether they take place in a club or the Kölner Philharmonie, which commissioned the Ultra Organ project and hosted its premiere in March 2017.

Kimmo wanted to create an entirely new instrument – one that would give the organ a new lease of electronic life. This led the invention of the organ-accordion, which allowed him to programme the first ever accordion to play organ samples. The process began with the sampling of the sounds of the Kölner Philharmonie’s organ and that of an organ in a Finnish church. A lot of experimentation and testing was needed to find the precise tones for creating the natural sound image of the new instrument. Tuomas Norvio composed rhythmic and melodic textures from the organ samples, which introduce a strong rhythmic pulse to certain sections of the piece. The starting point for the composition itself was the natural synthesis of acoustic and electronic organ.

Ultra Organ is new music that highlights the shared history of the organ and the accordion, and brings the colours of the two instruments into the new century. For 70 minutes, the large hall at Kino Šiška, which is aptly named the ‘Katedrala’, will become a glorious amalgam of church and philharmonic hall.

Ultra Organ
Kimmo Pohjonen – organ-accordion, vocals
Mikko Helenius – organ, vocals
Tuomas Norvio – sound design, live electronics
Otso Vartiainen – visuals, lighting

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Organisation: Druga Godba in co-production with Kino Šiška.

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