08. 09. 2021

Café Kino Šiška

summer in Šiška 2021


free concert cycle

Australian string player, vocalist, electrophonist and improviser Julia Reidy is one of the more intriguing names in the field of contemporary guitar music, “bringing to mind everything from Hope Sandoval to late-era Talk Talk, Jim O’Rourke, composer Tashi Wado and of course John Fahey, yet sounding unlike any of them in the end.” (Boomkat)

Julia Reidy creates a unique blend of the wonderful sound of guitars, strung out between folk and repetitive minimalism, sonically processed vocals, electronics and field recording. They are a member of the improvisational Splitter Orchester and active on the improvisational scene, yet at the same time, they are a piercing author who has put out a large volume of records in recent years, embodying the sound of the 12-string guitar, strung out between sound, texture, melody, repetition and stratification, crossed with an ethereal autotuned voice and underlined by synthetic sounds and surrounding noise. Even though the music seems dreamy, melancholic, psychedelic, there is a unique kind of anxiety woven throughout – the anxiety of the space it is resounding in.

Reidy follows both the tradition of cosmic German rock, experimental creations in electroacoustic music, deep-rooted guitar tradition and contemporary pop music. They have released on acclaimed international labels such as Editions Mego, Black Truffle and Room40, and have performed at the Tectonics, Send/Receive, Sydney, Berlin Jazz, Angelica and Mona Foma festivals.



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Coproduction: SONICA, Kino Šiška, MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, and the Shape platform, co-financed by Creative Europe.

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