18. 05. 2018

DobraVaga Gallery

zine vitrine

Joseph Carlough: COLORS


COLORS is a sound/poetry experience built of repetitive noises and poetry, collected and bound in a full-color zine with accompanying pixel art, created by translating the sound of the poems into visual clutter. The poetry ranges from humorous to sad to paranoid, the sounds from cheerful to grating.

Some of the pieces can be interactive, others are quiet and contemplative. The author creates a hallowed space of words and sound, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the drone of his voice. The piece will be accompanied by copies of the full-color zine for guests to take home.

Joseph Carlough is a poet, musician, and DIY publisher based in Philadelphia, USA. He’s run Displaced Snail Publications for the past ten years, and through it he’s published over 90 of his own zines, including releases such as COLORS, a zine of poetry and visual clutter; Sun&Moon, a curated collection about celestial bodies; and Georgia the Cat, a 120-page work of nonfiction about his dear cat friend. He’s collaborated with organizations such as Microcosm Publishing and Joyful Noise Recordings, musicians such as Kishi Bashi, Hrishikesh Hirway, and Serengeti, and a slew of authors from unpublished to published by Random House. When not designing or bookbinding, he keeps a horror movie review site, Scary Movie Club, plays multiple instruments in the experimental drone band AKNIFE, and runs a bimonthly music and art series with his wife in their home, the East Falls Zine Reading Room. Find more about his work at Displaced Snail Publications, or follow him on Instagram @displacedsnail.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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